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Free antivirus programs and downloads to make your PC fast

Most identify thief happens at computer repair shops as they have full access to your hard drive. Only allow accredited shops to work on your computer. Even this will not guarantee that all employees are honest.

Free broad band speed test. Check that you are receiving the speed that your ISP (internet service provider) are advertising. Different browsers will show different results. Use several tests to determine your approximate speed.

Malicious code can also give you false security alerts. This is an effort to trick you to buy their software. Free antivirus is fine for home computing. Business’s should use a paid program as they are more likely to come under attack. Usually an attachment is sent via email. When the attachment or link is opened, the bug or worm will spread to every computer on the network.

Even seasoned computer users have fallen victim to this form of attack. Some hackers will steal email address’s from your family members or friends. Thinking it is safe they will open the email and any attachments or documents provided.

Microsoft provides free antivirus programs. Check your operating system to make sure you download the correct software. After install check that your settings allow upgrades to stay current. New malicious code is discovered on the internet every day.

Microsoft Security Suite – free antivirus program from Microsoft. Select proper OS (operating system)

SpyBot – check your pc for bugs. Free and paid edition

MacScan – premier Anti-Spyware for Mac OS X

PC Tools – free Antivirus

Trend – House call online virus scan

Clam – open source antivirus program

Kaspersky – free scan only

AVG – free antivirus program

Avast – free antivirus software

Piriiform – formerly known as CCleaner (over 1 billion downloads!) Make your computer fast for free.

F-Secure – free trail and one of the best paid antivirus programs in the world. Microsoft engineers have called upon them in the past when confronted with a nasty virus.

>>>ISPping – check your broad band speed for free.


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